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About Dinara

Hello, 2024! It just dawned on me, that this year marks a decade since I left my corporate job and began my freelance journey, thanks in large to my dear art agent and mentor Chrystal Falcioni and her art agency @magnetreps. Back in those days the Instagram vibe was totally different – the era of random photos and saturated filters LOL ))) Some folks have remained, others have left, and a few have joined along the way. Perhaps, it’s time for me to re-introduce myself. My name is Dinara, I’m a folk artist, deeply fascinated by all things handcrafted, embracing the beauty in their imperfections. The term “Folk Art” means the art of people, typically created by amateur self-taught artists, who simply can’t stop painting – that’s me! I can’t stop painting A few fun facts about me: ✴ I tend to express my excitement with an excessive use of exclamation points!!!! ✴  Despite this misleading photo, I’m not a fan of ice-cream. ✴  I have a degree in Computer Science, but instead I’m a self-taug

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