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The North Pole Village

The making of the "North Pole Village" written by Sabrina Makhsimova and illustrated by Dinara Mirtalipova Available on Amazon | Chronicle Books Little story of how it started: Back when the world was on a covid lockdown, Sabrina and I spent our most days socially distancing. That was the year we gave homeschooling a try. During those days Sabrina wrote a lot and her creative writing began to emerge. Simultaneously I was working on my illustration jobs - there was this idea we were discussing with the wonderful Chronicle Books team about a pocket book format with three little houses. The visual was there, but the story itself - wasn't.  I worked on my sketches and wrote a few scribbles just as a text holder. Sabrina looked over them and didn't approve of my writing. She offered to re-write it her way and I included her writing in the proposal. Turned out our lovely editor Ariel Richardson loved Sabrina's writing and encouraged her to continue to work on this proj

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